We reserve the right to update or alter any part of VastNode's SLA without notice at any given time. NOTE: VastNodes system of monitoring shall be the exclusive monitoring system used to verify SLA breaches or downtime. No third party monitoring systems shall be recognized.


VastNode allows 15 minutes before a client may request for SLA credit. After 15 minutes have occured the client may claim 1% for every minute of downtime there after. SLA is capped at 60% of the monthly total bill.

SLA Limitations

Service Level Agreement will not be applicable for the following events.

  • Acts of God; Affecting services of any kind, such as natural disastous.

  • Criminal Activity affecting service such as incoming / outgoing DDos attacks.

  • Maintenance; Any form of scheduled Maintenance affecting services.

  • Destruction; Any form of destruction/fires affecting services.

  • Any service exceeding allocated resources provided to their services which may cause issues or outages.

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